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Administered Publishers

Independent music publishers administered by Misty Music for more information please contact info@misty.se

Stone Music is a joint venture with StoneBridge which started already in 1990 and has led to the formation of two more publishing entities, StoneyBoy Publishing and Citrus Music.

Container Publishing and Recordings was established as a joint venture with Libido Music in 1998 to concentrate on electronic music such as housemusik, techno and electronica with producers, artists like Tomas Andersson a.o., Håkan Lidbo, Sophie Rimheden, Andreas Tilliander, Jacques C, Tomas Andersson

Starlab Publishing is a joint venture with Peter Sahlin that started in 2004 and has been concentrating on the Asian market with great success. Some of the writers are working out of Starlab Studios, which also has housed several writing camps.

Bars Beats & Bass Music Publishing includes works recorded by Kayo Shekoni.

BillyBee Songs publisher of works by Billy Butt.

Comedia Music Publishing is the publishing arm of Claes Olsson Media and represents Gunnar Danielsson, Tedeborg, Cure-A-Phobia, Delorian, Le Lac Long 814, Comminor a.o.

Farmer Boy Music is the publisher of works by Jörgen Wärnström for Cloudberry Jam and 500 mil.

Gardenia Music our Danish entity with artists like The Sandmen, How Do I and Peter Smith Dahl

Klang-förlaget, the publisher of songwriter, artist, producer Kristoffer Rangstam representing They Owe Us, Joel Lundberg, Anders Garellik a.o.

Merrysongs is the publisher of The Merrymakers

Payback Music/Flashback Music is the publisher of Malmö’s legendary house label Deeplay Music.

Pepperbox Publishing is the publisher of Pepperbox Recordings

Red Herring Music Ltd publisher associated with UK/Swedish label Wire Records. Thirteen Moons, All That Jazz a.o..

Roan Publishing is the publisher of works by Christopher Brady, Debbie Ray, Janousek a.o.

Roiseux Publishing represents works by Cari Lekebusch, LionDub, Martin E, Puss.

Salvation Songs the publisher of Skellefteå’s Morphine Lane The Drowners, Kooks, Wilson Hospital etc.

Silence Music is the publishing arm of legendary label Silence Records Hedningarna, Fint Tillsammans, Hederos & Hellberg, Chick Habit a.o.

Strong Melody Publishing solo works by The Merrymakers David Myhr

Too Bossy Music is the home of Plastico.