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Directly Signed Writers

Sulo Karlsson – songwriter, artist, producer and author, singer and main writer for Diamond Dogs, Piggyback Riders, The Crunch, The New Deal and several solo and duet project. Writer and producer for albums by Kiki Danielsson, Velvet Insane and song writer for many more.

Anna von Hausswolff – songwriter and artist, whose music is powerful and genre-defying with majestic vocals

John Alexander Ericson – songwriter, producer and artist living in Berlin. Northern Territories, My Empire Of Sound (with Marie Söholm), The Ghost Of Helags (with Teresa Woischiski), Brynäs (with brother Petter), Helax.

Ida Long – artist and songwriter who has been touring Europe several times and also performed in New York with her self choreographed show her second album Rainbows & Tears was very well received by international press.

Johan Hansson – songwriter, producer and artist specializing in Electronic music in his own genre Emotional Body Music with his two entities We The North and Unitary

Jotta Hautanen pka YOTA, artist, song writer living in Paris where she writes with international and Swedish dance music producers.

Christian & 2120’s plays their one kind of blues that has become very popular with US music supervisors who placed the music in series like Shameless, The Good Wife, The Heat, Backstrom a.o.

In Deed – indie power pop band with roots in the Swedish indie pop scene of the 90’s and early 00’s.

Beseech is a gothic metal band from Borås, Sweden. They disbanded in 2006, and re-formed with a different line-up at the end of 2013.

The Black Explosion plays and create music in a psychedelic electric blues-rock style led by Chris Winter.

Chickenpox was a Swedish ska band signed to Burning Heart Records. They existed from 1994 until they broke up in 2002.

Clay Allison is an indiepop-band from Linköping formed in 1999 playing warm and emotional pop

Dean Allen Foyd a band with roots in the sixties and seventies psychedelia and blues.

Dollhouse was one of Sweden’s best garage rock bands, led by Chris Winter

Electric Earth is a stoner rock band from Trollhättan formed in 2001.

Erik Lundgren, a singer/songwriter with a sensitive touch.

Emma Bates aka Otur is a female singer and songwriter of  laidback electronic vocal pop

Falconer is a power metal band with clear folk music influences and a medieval influenced sound with songs both in English and Swedish

Fantastic People was a short-lived progressive and psychedelic rock’n’roll band formed by members of Beseech

Finlay Morton is a singer and songwriter from the UK, who has released four albums and co-founded London internet radio station Soho Radio.

Honey Is Cool was a legendary Swedish indie band with Karin Dreijer on vocals and Håkan Hellström on drums.

Kristoffer Rangstam, a singer, songwriter and producer with bands like Kristoffer & the Harbour Heads and They Owe Us and producer of Christian & 2120’s.

Kristoffer & Harbour Heads

They Owe Us 

Klabbes Bank is a Swedish music group led by keyboardist Klas-Henrik Hörngren. The band embrace modern classical, pop, rockabilly, synth, and jazz.

Lowe is a Swedish sythpop band who describe their music as emotional pop with electronic elements.

Melpo Mene – Erik Mattiasson writes and performs personal pop that makes you think about the likes of Belle & Sebastian and Badly Drawn Boy.

No Fun At All is one of Sweden’s original skatepunk bands, who toured the world. Formed in 1991 and still around.

Randy is a Swedish punk-rock band formed in 1992

Sandy Mouche plays beautiful and charming pomusik with female vocalist Helena Josefsson. Helena has released a solos album and sang with Per Gessle on tour.

Helena Josefsson

United indiepop band with influences from bands like Placebo

Fleshquartet aka Fläskkvartetten is an electrical amplified stringquartet that features a percussionist. The band also makes collaborations with vocalists.

Emrik Larsson is a vocalist with Stonefunkers sings in Swedish for his solo projects

Noise Detectors Inc is a band formed summer of 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden by members from earlier bands like EagerBeaver, Stupidity, The Joints and Piltdown 5, to mention a few.

Cebratrack describes her music as epic art-pop.

The Leather Nun legendary Swedish garage rock band formed in late 1970-ties.

Starlin pop duo.

Stonefunkers is a Swedish funk, go-go and live hip hop band started by brothers Emrik and Torsten Larsson

Sonic Surf City surfharmonies meet old school punk

Stonecake is a Swedish pop with British influences. Big hit with Tuesday Afternoon in 1991

Stupidity  is a garage rock/punk band with Detroit-rock influences