And Vision

A Decade Of Growth And Expansion

Venturing Into The Global Market With Starlab Publishing

Diversifying Portfolio with Multiple Joint Ventures

Administrative Endeavors and Industry Influence

Misty Music AB was established by Anders Mörén, underpinned by a vision to create music that touches hearts. The company positioned itself to represent a broad variety of music, functioning both as an original publisher and an administrator, setting the stage for a dynamic and impactful presence in the music industry.

During its first decade, Misty Music rapidly grew and evolved, proudly representing a diverse portfolio of influential artists and groups including TITIYO, LEILA K, STINA NORDENSTAM, PAPA DEE, THE LEATHER NUN, and many more. A significant milestone was reached in late 1998 with the establishment of Container Recordings & Publishing. Formed in collaboration with Libido Productions and Håkan Lidbo, this new venture marked an exciting expansion into the realm of electronic music production and publication, ushering in a fresh roster of talented artists and producers.

In a significant move towards catering to the international market, Misty Music collaborates with Peter Sahlin to launch Starlab Publishing. This new venture represents a broad spectrum of songwriters and producers, with its work resonating particularly in Asia. Here, Starlab enjoys immense success, with hundreds of its songs being recorded and released, marking a pivotal milestone in Misty Music’s global expansion.

Misty Music expands its portfolio through diverse partnerships. Collaborations include Stone Music with StoneBridge, Klang Förlaget with Kristoffer & the Harbour Heads, and Farmerboy Music with Cloudberry Jam and Jörgen Wärnström. Partnerships also extend to Deeplay Records, The Sandmen, and others such as Safari Songs, Roiseaux Publishing, and Pepperbox Publishing with Emma Bates, further enhancing our musical breadth.

Expanding its industry footprint, Misty Music undertakes the administration for various music companies. These include Silence Music, Comedia Music Publishing, Salvation Songs, Strong Melody Publishing, and Merrysongs. This diverse administrative portfolio further enhances Misty Music’s position as a key player in the music industry.